Open Day!

Thank you to all those who came to our latest Open Day! If you missed it, Get In Touch to register for the next one.



The possibilities for lighting are almost endless. We provide a range of options that we know work well with the tents but it is possible to create all sorts of other extraordinary effects.

Fairy lights can be strung down the poles to give a magical internal ambience while spot lights, par cans and uplighters can be controlled by a dimmer to produce pools of light on tables, dance floors and other features. Internal illumination of the apex of each tent (as seen above) creates a cosy glow.

We can also provide festoon lighting, which can be hung around the brim of the teepees or on the shepherd’s crooks to create a festoon walkway into the teepees.

Additionally, coloured LED lighting can be used externally to highlight trees and surrounding points of interest, providing a stunning background to the teepees.


We are recruiting our summer seasonal staff!

If you are interested in working outdoors this summer with our highly motivated and down to earth team then please get in touch.

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