The Stunning Experience

Ensuring that your individual needs are met.

We are extremely proud to have been the first giant hat teepee rental company in the world and we have stayed at the forefront by continual improvement, great service and innovation.

From design to delivery we always strive to exceed your expectations at every stage of your journey with us. This is reflected in our high number of repeat clients and top industry professionals that always choose us.

We have over 15 years worth of experience working with structures at a high level. This is coupled with a wealth of general events knowledge throughout our team and our attention to detail is what keeps us at the top of our profession.

About Us

Your journey with us

Right from your first call or email to us, we will do all we can to make sure your event is the perfect fit for your needs.

You have the opportunity to attend one or more of our Open Days which gives you the chance to see the tents up close and meet the team in person and discuss your event. Many people find the Open Days very useful to help visualise their event and options. Find out more about out open days here. Open Days


Office Team

Call one of our team in the offices which is run by a full time dedicated events support team who are on hand to answer any questions on the phone or by email.

Whether we conduct a site visit for your event or if you attend one of our open day events,  there will be the opportunity to meet and discuss your event with one of the team, who collectively have over 60 years of experience of event planning.



Site Visit

If a site visit is required, we will come out to see you and go through the details based on the available space and guest experience you want to create.  To help you envisage your event we can draw up a floor plan for you so you are able to picture where things can be placed.

We have built our teepees over trees, incorporated stone walls, flowerbeds and built our tents in the tightest of spaces. If there’s a way to do it, we’ll find it. We can’t achieve the impossible, but we do love a challenge.



Open Days

We regularly hold open days throughout the year in Berkshire.

They are the perfect opportunity for you to experience the unique ambience that the teepees create and to meet our fabulous friendly team who are there to help you realise your perfect event.

You are more than welcome to come more than once, and many of our clients do, to ensure they’ve considered all of the elements of their event.

There are plenty of ideas to be gleaned from attending our open days and if you can attend, we would highly recommend booking in for a visit as they are understandably very popular.

You can read more about our open days on the Open Days page.

Behind the scenes

Once your booking is confirmed with us,  we allocate your tents and any other furniture you may have booked.

You can be rest assured that you have made the right decision. You can then go on to plan all of the finer details surrounding your event, using us for input wherever you feel you would like a little extra guidance.

3D Animations

Bespoke visualisations, specific to your event, can be commissioned making use of the extensive library of 3D objects we have already created. Specific quotes can be provided and the cost of this service depends on the complexity of the structure and its interior.


Set up

On the day of setup you can expect our crew to arrive on time and the Crew Chief will go through the technical details for your event including the weather forecast.

They will also discuss any tweaks of where you would like your tents, furniture, zip doors and open edges etc. They will then efficiently and professionally erect the tents to your requirements, before conducting the handover to you (or someone you choose to nominate).


On Site Support

If you want us to, we can provide a member of our Crew to be on site during your event. They can raise and lower sides of the tents as required, tend to fires and generally help out.

If you hire a generator through us, a crew member will be to site during your event to provide support, as our experience has proven that this is a critical service to help troubleshoot problems should they occur.

Having someone on site gives you peace of mind that everything will be taken care of in the event of something happening.

As a matter of course, we will not leave someone on site unless you ask us to do so.


Taking Down

After your event is over, you can expect our Crew to arrive on the day and at the time agreed, to efficiently take the tents down and remove everything from site.

To enable a smooth take down, we will ask you to ensure that any equipment that is not ours has been removed from the tents before we arrive. We will also ask you (or someone you nominate) to be available to speak to should there be any discrepancies with the stock check.

Once we have cleared the site and loaded our vehicles, our Crew will walk the site to ensure that we leave the site clean and tidy.

Contingency, Contingency, Contingency…

To give you the utmost confidence that you are booking with the best in the business, you can be assured that you’re dealing with a company that has contingency built into everything we do.

Contingency planning is built into every aspect of our business and an area we really take ultimate pride in. This includes IT, vehicles, equipment and crew to make sure that your event runs smoothly.

We have a dedicated fleet of Ford Rangers that can contend with any terrain and  conditions the British weather throws at us, and a host of support vehicles. We operate out of a purpose built warehouse that enables us to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ve a fantastic dedicated Operations team that are agile and work tirelessly in every condition to ensure we deliver our promises.

Throughout the whole process we will strive to keep the “wow” factor and that important individual flavour in your event, always going that extra mile to help you have the perfect experience from start to finish.

  • Your team set it up and took it down with no fuss at all, and the overall look was amazing as always!

    Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire
  • From the first phone call to the removal of the tents on site your company was not only professional but provided the best advice and executed everything on time and perfectly.

    Paul and Jacqui, Petworth
  • On all counts - that was a "best in class" global conference - thanks so much for setting the standards high and taking such good care of us.

    Rhubarb (Corporate), Kensington Palace
  • Working with you guys made everything easy, you were so considerate and very easy to work with. I'm amazed at the speed at which your guys set up, and the care the took when taking the structures back down, they did a great job of clearing up.

    Sven and Jess, Worcestershire
  • I'm only sorry you weren't here on the evening to see the finished setting for yourself, and to hear all the praise that your village of teepees received. They looked absolutely stunning and so utterly different from a normal white rectangular marquee. We have since received so many letters, emails, texts praising it all.

    Sam and Harry, Gloucestershire, Wedding
  • I have to say your team is one of the best contractors I have worked with in a long time, on-time and super professional.

    Front To Back Events, Farr Festival