Open Day!

Come and meet the team during our next Open Day, 15th - 16th March 2019!

Flooring & Staging

We have a selection of flooring options to suit your event.


If your event is on grass, you will need some kind of floor covering to provide a smooth and stable surface.  Our luxury woven matting is laid over a damp-proof membrane. It is highly resistant and suitable for high heels and stilettos, and is cleaned after every use.

Wooden boarded contour flooring can also be used beneath the matting if a firmer surface is required.

Dance floors

A dance floor is a great way to encourage your guests to dance the night away! We have a selection of dance floors that can be made in various sizes to suit your guest numbers and the space available.


Staging is available in 8ft x 4ft sections to make up to the size required. It is 1ft high, with a black valance around the edges, to serve as a raised platform for your choice of entertainment.


Open Day!

Come and meet the team at our next open day in March!

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