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“Having worked hard on our company ethos over the years, we have built up an extensive portfolio of photos, floor plans, videos, and animations of our teepees. However there is no point just looking good and having a slick sales process; you have to deliver on your promises. We think that is an area in which we excel and we have the best team I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

We run our business with contingency built in to everything we do. Crew Chief off sick? I get on my steel toe-caps and lead the job. A vehicle breaks down on the way to site? Our Logistics Controller jumps in a spare vehicle. Tent damaged? Our contingency tents are brought into play.”

Sustainable Professional Teepee Hire

When we talk about “sustainable, professional teepee hire,” we don’t want to be paying lip service to fashionable ideas – we want it to really mean something.

Since we started out in 2007, we have always done our utmost to behave ethically, deliver a professional service, and minimise our impact on the environment. But as we’ve grown we’ve found it useful to adopt certain published standards to give us a framework for continuous improvement in these areas.

Published Standards

We are working towards ISO20121, the standard for sustainability in events, and towards ISO9001 – the world’s most established quality framework. We expect to achieve compliance with these standards during 2019.

Our Story

  • 2003

    The idea of starting a business supplying innovative structures to creative people was imagined and after much research the company was born. We are proud to be the first teepee rental company in the world.

  • 2004

    Spring 2004 saw our first delivery: a Yurt, a small teepee, and an Ouled Nail tent. A website was created, flyers were printed and a lot of legwork generated around 20 bookings. We were proud of every event but it very quickly became clear that our clients wanted bigger structures. The search was on - we looked everywhere and found the teepees which we still use today, and placed our very first order.

  • 2005

    Bigger tents mean bigger events and bigger events equal better brand awareness and customer communication. We concentrated on our brand and product offering and the response was great. The bookings for the big tents really started to come in and we proudly finished the year with six tents in stock and we were able to deliver multiple events at the same time.

  • 2006

    We learnt from previous busy weekends that we needed to concentrate on our operational approach to achieve the perfect experience for every Stunning client. We added a few more smaller tents to our range, but concentrated this year on having a fully booked season with the six Giant Hats.

  • 2007

    We added some more Giant Hats to our offering for the season and recruited our first full time Crew Chief. Another fully booked season ensued. During the summer of 2007, Jon, the then MD, met with Duncan and Tom for the first time when they came to view our teepees and fell in love with them. Determined to work with the tents, they made a booking for December to prove they were the correct fit for their business plans.

  • 2008

    With the operational team now growing and feeding off each other’s desire to innovate our offerings, we designed and developed new techniques for linking the tents, including the famous Firecracker. We also started to design items such as our custom built teepee-coloured walkway and oak double doors. With our new innovative items, we were able to transform the teepees from a beautiful summer offering to lovely cosy and warm winter venue.

  • 2009

    With our even better product offering and our superb reputation becoming known, we had our busiest year ever by a considerable margin and found ourselves having to turn away a lot of business as we became fully booked. Also as we worked on bigger configurations, it seemed only natural to invest in more Giant Hats for the next year - and that’s exactly what we did!

  • 2010

    For Ride Across Britain, we collaborated with Duncan and Tom again. Working with the teepees for this event it was clear they hadn't lost their original enthusiasm, so when given the opportunity to purchase Stunning Tents, it was not missed. Over the previous years Tom and Duncan had built a very successful business specialising in another unique temporary structure and were now in the position to evolve. The deal was done and we moved into a shiny new HQ alongside our warehouse.

  • 2011

    Having added even more to our stock, we were able to deliver our largest group of teepees yet with 21 tents joined to form a conference centre. Tom and Duncan brought their experience and energy with them and we finished the year with an event for 350 that flowed through a presentation area and black tie dinner followed by a bar built on a floating platform. It was a truly unique setting for the event. In addition to the vast layout we had designed to encompass this event, we proudly rose to the challenge of having to build it in two days.

  • 2012

    This year started with some beautiful early spring weddings, followed by a busy summer delivering lots more great parties as the Olympic year took full swing. All this during a summer that proved to be the wettest summer in Met Office history. Nothing deterred our crew however and we are very proud to say, regardless of the weather and conditions we delivered 100% of our bookings on time and with a smile, albeit a soggy one at times.

  • 2013

    We started the year with a new fleet of vehicles to ensure we were able to go about everything at the highest standard and were joined by another new full time team member. Amongst a myriad of private functions we also developed a new technique for branding the tents with a marketing logo or slogan wrapped around the apex and delivered some great events with many industry professionals and brands.

  • 2014

    A brand new warehouse! In January we moved into a new warehouse. It was in the same business park in Little London, designed to give us the additional space we needed. We completed a record number of jobs including during 2014 and our biggest private job yet, combining our teepees with Ten By Fifteen Structures to create a brilliant event.

  • 2015

    Every year we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback and testimonials we receive and this year proved no different. We loved working with many returning clients as well as meeting lots of new faces to create all kinds of events, including providing tents for the filming of Bridget Jones's Baby (a particular favourite in the office!)

  • 2016

    Having found the perfect combination of experience and location we were really excited to announce an additional base in Masham, Yorkshire. We joined forces with Mark, a qualified architect with an exceptional attention to detail and a passion for the outdoors. We had worked alongside Mark on various events and structures over the years and were really pleased to get him on board, heading up the team in Yorkshire.

  • 2017

    During the start of 2017 we relocated to our new office and warehouse in Theale, Berkshire. It is a purpose built unit which has enabled us to work closer as a team.

    We also proudly supported the BBC's Children in Need for the Dine and Disco organised by Radio 2 and Chris Evans with the Teepee of Love at Chewton Glen.

  • 2018

    Now with our current full time team boasting 50 years of teepee experience between us we’ll continue to innovate and push forwards the boundaries of what is possible, whilst not losing focus on our desire to deliver a perfect service to our clients at every event. We proudly feel our high level of repeat clients every year is a great testimony to our reputation.

Work With Us

If you love the outdoors and events then maybe a career with us might be what you're looking for. We are always looking for keen, enthusiastic and energetic people to join our crew. Click here to see our current vacancies.

Our Vacancies
  • Your team set it up and took it down with no fuss at all, and the overall look was amazing as always!

    Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire
  • From the first phone call to the removal of the tents on site your company was not only professional but provided the best advice and executed everything on time and perfectly.

    Paul and Jacqui, Petworth
  • On all counts - that was a "best in class" global conference - thanks so much for setting the standards high and taking such good care of us.

    Rhubarb (Corporate), Kensington Palace
  • Working with you guys made everything easy, you were so considerate and very easy to work with. I'm amazed at the speed at which your guys set up, and the care the took when taking the structures back down, they did a great job of clearing up.

    Sven and Jess, Worcestershire
  • I'm only sorry you weren't here on the evening to see the finished setting for yourself, and to hear all the praise that your village of teepees received. They looked absolutely stunning and so utterly different from a normal white rectangular marquee. We have since received so many letters, emails, texts praising it all.

    Sam and Harry, Gloucestershire, Wedding
  • I have to say your team is one of the best contractors I have worked with in a long time, on-time and super professional.

    Front To Back Events, Farr Festival

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