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Corporate Inspiration

Corporate Inspiration

We have been supplying teepees for corporate events for nearly 20  years, which has given us a wealth of experience and knowledge we bring to your event.

The modular nature of the teepees means that any number of guests can be accommodated so whether you have 50 or 500 guests, we have the perfect setup that can work for you.  We have large configurations that can work well for a conference type of event with linked teepees for break out rooms. In addition,  consider whether you need a staging area, dance floor and catering tents and the available area you have.

Listed below are some examples based on average guest numbers but please get in touch so we can build a bespoke quote for you based on your requirements. We showcase one of our larger corporate events we did for MITIE to give you some inspiration on what can be achieved with the teepee.

100 Guests

Around 100 guests are typically seated in a pair of Giant Hats. It is possible to fit about 100 guests under a single teepee if all the sides are up, and it is also possible to have more than two tents if that is what’s required. A linked Kung is a popular choice too, often used as a bar or chill out area.

Around 150 Guests

Events with around 150 guests tend to use three Giant Hats, often with a linked Kung as a chill out or bar area. You can, of course, use more than three Giant Hats for this number of guests and more tents give more space and more possibilities. In the past we have provided 10 Giant Hats for an event for this number of people.

200+ Guests

Above 200 guests, you will need to think about four Giant Hats or more for your event. At this scale we start getting into the realm of bespoke configurations to meet the needs of your event. We can work with you to prepare floor plans specifically for your event to show how the interior space can be used.

Real Events

  • On all counts - that was a "best in class" global conference - thanks so much for setting the standards high and taking such good care of us.

    Rhubarb (Corporate), Kensington Palace
  • I have to say your team is one of the best contractors I have worked with in a long time, on-time and super professional.

    Front To Back Events, Farr Festival
  • Your team set it up and took it down with no fuss at all, and the overall look was amazing as always!

    Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire
  • As usual, the Stunning Tents Team delivered a perfect solution for the event and you were all as professional as ever – Perfect.

    Simon C, Party
  • From the first phone call to the removal of the tents on site your company was not only professional but provided the best advice and executed everything on time and perfectly.

    Paul and Jacqui, Petworth
  • I'm only sorry you weren't here on the evening to see the finished setting for yourself, and to hear all the praise that your village of teepees received. They looked absolutely stunning and so utterly different from a normal white rectangular marquee. We have since received so many letters, emails, texts praising it all.

    Sam and Harry, Gloucestershire, Wedding

Love what you see?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your special event!

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