Top Tips for Your Festival Teepee Wedding

December 14, 2018

This year, we were lucky enough to take part in one of the most spectacular festival-themed teepee weddings we’ve ever seen!

Vics and Gary married in June 2018 on their own field in Grandborough, Warwickshire, and celebrated with what was arguably one of the most enjoyable weddings of the year.

We’re sharing a few top tips from Vics & Gary on how to throw the ultimate festival wedding:

1) The best street foods

Vic & Gary decided to enlist the help of Feast It, one of the UK’s biggest catering agencies who curate and manage suppliers for events (look out for our upcoming blog feature for Feast-It).  In true festival style, they had a variety of food choices in the form of food trucks and pop-ups:

  • Pizza (Handmade Pizza Co),
  • Vietnamese (Guerrilla Kitchen),
  • Lebanese (BEYroots),
  • Gelato (Jack’s Gelato)


2)  A non-traditional wedding cake

Steering away from the traditional royal icing adorned tiered wedding cake, Vic & Gary wanted something a bit different, but equally delicious! They chose an epic cake of cheese, provided by Cheese on The Green in Bilton. The ‘cake’ sat atop one of our fireplaces on our bespoke cheese & cakes board.  These can be quickly and easily removed when you are ready to light the fire.


3)  Stand-out decorations

Our floral hoops –  The flower arrangements were simple, rustic, and elegant, and were provided by Anne Marie’s florist in Dunchurch . Our trio of decorative hoops adorned with flowers served as a central feature in one of the teepees. You can view our range of finishing touches here.


4) Get ready for it – a personalised wedding day beer!

Vic’s  brother runs The Nethergate Brewery and created a specially brewed beer for the occasion. The Nethergate created a personalised beer for the day and creatively named it “Beerhemian Rahopsody!” Visit the brewery here

5) Finally, a variety of music ‘sets’ throughout the day
Other Suppliers:
For even more wedding ideas, head over to our Wedding Inspiration page and get started on your very own plans!

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