Tentipi Assured Rental Programme

We are a founder member of the Tentipi Assured Rental Programme. This means:
  • We replace our tents with new ones every 3 years to keep our rental stock fresh
  • We agree to provide excellent levels of client service
  • We are accredited under the MutaMarq scheme - the national scheme run by the Performance Textiles Association concerned with safety and best practice in erecting and use of temporary structures.

MutaMarq is all about best practice, standards and accreditation in the tent hire industry. It covers safety of the public when using our tents and safety of our crews when building and dismantling tents. We are enthusiastic supporters of the scheme.
We are working towards BS8901, the standard for sustainability in events. We expect to achieve compliance with these standards during 2010.
The Stunning Tents Company

P001 - Hampshire, July 2009 - Building tipis over a lake? No problem.

Giant Hat Tipi

It’s the unique flexibility of the Giant Hat that makes it an inspiring choice for all types and sizes of event. Solid wooden poles and a light tan-coloured canvas produce a natural ambience that's really like nothing else. Dress it up, or keep it simple, either way you can be sure to create an exciting alternative to a “white box” marquee.

Pitched on its own with “sides down” it looks like a conventional tipi; with “sides up” it resembles a giant witch’s hat. And it’s this ability to raise the sides that also makes it possible to link the tipis to each other, creating a single larger space. All manner of configurations are possible, and there’s no limit to the number of tents that can be linked together. Whether you’re having an intimate party for 50, a wedding for 150, or a corporate event of 500 or more, there’s a configuration of Giant Hats that will work perfectly.

Each Giant Hat is 10.3 metres in diameter with its sides down, or 13 metres with its side up.

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